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Stud Dog Service in Malaysia
Sivakenn stud dogs are one of the most sought after in the local market. With a range of superb bloodline and temperament, Sivakenn male dogs are free from disease, genetic defects and have proven breeding potential.

Sivakenn studs are available to approved bitches and stud dog-breeding fee has to be paid in advance. A maximum of three mating are allowed per dog to a specific female and we require the owner of the bitch to ensure their female is free from parasites and to be in good health. We also require for the owner to be present during the mating.

The stud fee ranges from one male to another depending on the titles, pedigree and temperament/size of the dog.

In the event that the mating is unsuccessful, we allow a second attempt at the next heat without charge.

Sivakenn houses German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler and Doberman dogs.